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What do Wilco and Patricia Zapata have in common?… Me!

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Here’s a story that I just have to tell (in english). It’s a story about my new favourite band, about a recent blog discovery and about the way they came together.

Last september, my mother e-mailed me a link to Whip Up website. It was a tutorial for a paper flower by Patricia Zapata. This made me enter one of those endless cycles through hyperlinks around several of Patricia’s activities, which I felt very much inspiring, simply because they are all about things that I have been interested in over the last months (or years?), especially folding, cutting or glueing paper. Quite simple. Also, Patricia Zapata has this hability to show simple beautiful things in a simple and beautiful way. If you take some time, you will understand what I am saying.

While I was browsing around Patricia Zapata’s world on the web, mostly her weblog, I came across this magazine bowl tutorial she shared in 2007. Oh, what have I been missing!

At the same time, I was listening to a lot of Wilco.

Their new album was streaming online and I was finally enjoying the new songs, while preparing myself to see them live, next November.

Wilco’s music is also a recent discovery for me (and my husband). The first time I heard about them was 2009 when a friend e-mailed us inviting to see their show at Braga, Portugal. My first thought was: “Who’s Wilco?!” Well, after hearing our friend’s CDs, my husband restarted playing guitar and composing new music, we read a lot about them, watched lots of YouTube videos and bought all their albuns… Quickly, we were huge fans of the band and went to see Wilco at the Royal Festival Hall, London, in 2010! It was a great, great show!

Again, what does all of this have to do with Patricia Zapata?

Well, I was already folding old magazine pages following Patricia’s magazine bowl tutorial, while listening to the their brand new album “The Whole Love” and thinking about the next show we will attend in November at Vigo, Spain.

Everytime I saw a new poster for a Wilco show posted on their Facebook page – each poster better than the other -, I wondered how the Vigo show poster would be designed.

Then, looking at all those ripped pieces of magazine pages, I started to do what was in my mind with everything I had close to my hands…

Oh well, I like it a lot, especially that is an all handmade kind-of-poster – I just photographed and cropped the image, no more digital intervention.

Thank you Patricia Zapata and thank you Wilco for all the inspiration!

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